The Chinese government believes that outer space is the common wealth of all mankind, and every country in the world enjoys equal rights to freely explore, develop and utilize outer space and celestial bodies; and that all countries' outer space activities should be beneficial to the economic development, social progress of nations, to security, subsistence and development of mankind, and to friendly cooperation between people of different countries. International space cooperation should adhere to the fundamental principles stated in the "Declaration on International Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space for the Benefit and in the Interest of All States, Taking into Particular Account the Needs of Developing Countries." China maintains that international space exchanges and cooperation should be strengthened on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, peaceful utilization and common development.

-- Excerpted from the white paper titled “China’s Space Activities in 2006”

Manned space flight is a long-term cause commonly pursued by the humankind. The cooperation in this aspect will help realize the faster and better development, and international cooperation will also be propitious to the peace and development of the humankind as a whole. China is willing to carry out international cooperation with each and any country in the world in the field of manned spaceflight on the basis of the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits so as to promote the development of the manned spaceflight program of the world to a higher level and make positive contributions to the peaceful utilization of space and the benefits of the humankind as a whole.

--Quoted from News Release from China Manned Space Agency

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