Talks held between ASI and CMSEO2011-11-28 16:17:18

Fig 1: rendezvous and docking model of Tiangong 1/Shenzhou 8 presented by Mr. Wang Wenbao, director of CMSEO,
to Mr. Enrico Saggese, president of Italian Space Agency

[Nov.24, CMSE] Further cooperation in the field of manned space flight was discussed between Mr. Wang Wenbao, director of CMSEO and Mr. Enrico Saggese, president of ASI (Italian Space Agency) in Beijing Aerospace City on Nov.23, 2011.

Fig 2: delegation from ASI visiting Beijing Aerospace Control Center

Fig 3: working talks between CMSEO and ASI 

After extending warmly welcomes to the visiting Italian delegation, Mr. Wang expressed many thanks for their supports to China’s manned space flight mission, especially for the TT&&CC supports. Mr. Wang also briefed the guests about the history, current mission, future plan and administration of China manned space engineering. Mr. Wang said that China’s manned space flight project is pushing forward steadily in accordance with the plan, such as the successful rendezvous and docking mission of Tiangong 1/Shenzhou 8, and the initial implementation of China’s manned space station program. As the administrative authority of China’s manned space program, CMSEO would like to enhance exchange and cooperation with world space agencies in the construction, operation and application of manned space station and for the development and progress of world space technologies, Mr. Wang emphasized.

Mr. Saggese extended congratulations to Mr. Wang for the success of China’s first space rendezvous and docking mission. After introducing the Italian space industries and the roles of ASI in ESA and international space station, Mr. Saggese expressed the willingness to participate in the development of China manned space station and to cooperate with China in the fields such as astronauts’ flight, space scientific research etc...

Potential areas and ways for future cooperation in the fields of development of manned space station, space medicine and space science have also been discussed during the meeting.


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